Welcome to A.F.P.E.P. and S.N.P.P. website

The Association Française des Psychiatres d'Exercice Privé - A.F.P.E.P. (French Association of Psychiatrists In Private Practice), created in July 1970, has encouraged a theoretical and practical, multidisciplinary research on psychiatry, its object, practice, limits, that is more specifically based on experiences of independent practice.

As a scientific society of the World Psychiatric Association (W.P.A.),  the A.F.P.E.P. organizes multiple national or decentralized working frameworks, firstly designed for private psychiatrists and with their support, but enriched with a very wide national and international participation of clinicians, researchers and theoreticians interested by the psyche, in the whole diversity of their orientations.

Emphasized by the yearly rhythm of the National Private Psychiatry Convention (Journées Nationales de la Psychiatrie Privée), A.F.P.E.P. works are based on regional or national study sessions and thematic seminars. Besides, as a producer of training modules, it accredits and coordinates the training activities of local or regional associations of independent psychiatrists.

In 1980, A.F.P.E.P. drew up the Psychiatry Charter from ethical references that guarantee practitioners’ independence as well as respect for patients.

Through its reflection and research, the A.F.P.E.P., as a scientific association, gives a foundation to the action of the S.N.P.P. - Syndicat National des Psychiatres Privés (National Society of Psychiatrists in Private Practice) created in 1974.

In 1995, the A.F.P.E.P.-S.N.P.P. published the  Manifesto of psychiatry that synthesises the principles of efficiency in a practice that is confronted today with the risk to see private psychiatrists’ health care activity being reduced for bureaucratic and accounting reasons.